ПЛАТНЫЕ Pogo Stick 1.0.0

Pogo Stick


I bring to you a new plugin that will add Pogo Sticks to your server!
These Pogo Sticks will allow players to jump, somersault, and parkour in ways never seen before in the game. With the default configuration, Pogo Sticks don’t do as well on sand and snow, for obvious reasons right? But don’t worry you can configure any of the pogo presets, such as the speed and height of the jump for example. The Pogo Stick is an ordinary worn item with a skinID that can be given to the player by console command or any of the other unique ways you might want to give them out in your servers.
There are two activation modes for Pogo Sticks. With default configuration, the player has to put the item in a belt container. In this mode, the Pogo Stick is only used when it is selected as an active item. In the second mode, the Pogo Stick is activated when it is added to a clothing/armor container. In order to use the second mode, replace the shortnames of all Pogo Sticks with a clothing item. As an example “burlap.gloves.new” to replace a less noticable part of your wardrobe. In this second mode, players will be able to shoot and use items while on the Pogo Stick! The creativity is in your hands, have fun with it!
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