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Epic Loot

About EpicLoot​

Epic Loot is a plugin that adds additional loot potential to loot crates, NPC corpses and crafting.
There is a configurable chance that an enhanced piece with varying set types and modifiers will appear in a loot crate or corpse.
Players also have a chance to receive an enhanced version of their crafted items, rather than the plain old vanilla armor/weapon/tool.
Wearing more than 1 of the same type of item will provide the user with a set bonus. Depending on the set type, they may get access to higher mining yields, more damage to scientists or even access to exclusive loot tables that proc while gathering.
The plugin is incredibly configurable, supports language conversions and allows users to modify and design their own set bonuses.
There are currently 22 different set types and 25 unique set bonuses!


Set types are added to the name of the item and are responsible for providing the user with a buff.

Miners, - Increases the wearers mining yield.
Lumberjacks, - Increases the wearers woodcutting yield.
Skinners, - Increases the wearers skinning yield.
Farmers, - Increases the wearers farming yield.
Foragers, - Increases the wearers collection yield.
Fishermans, - Increases the wearers fishing yield.
Assassins, - Increases damage done to players.
Demo, - Decreases damage from explosives.
Elemental - Reduces cold and fire damage.
Scavengers - Offers the wearer a chance to obtain additional scrap from barrels and crates.
Transporters - Reduces the fuel costs for helicopters and boats.
Crafters - Increases crafting speed.
Reinforced - Reduces durability loss on all equipped items.
Tamers - Reduces damage taken from animals.
Hunters - Increase damage done to animals.
Operators - Increases damage done to humanoid NPCs.
Jockeys - Increases speed of the wearers mounted horse.
Raiders - Offers the wearer a chance for their fired rocket/thrown explosive to be refunded.
Builders - Offers the wearer a chance for their building/upgrade costs to be refunded.
Assemblers - Offers the wearer a chance for their crafting materials to be refunded.
Fabricators - Offers the wearer a chance for an additional crafted item to be produced.
Medics - Increases healing received.


When a user wears enough pieces of the same set, they will get access to extra set bonuses, depending on the number of pieces worn.

Here are some of the available set bonuses.

BonusMultiplier - Add an additional bonus on top of the existing modifier.
Smelting - Chance to receive a refined ore, instead of a raw ore, while mining.
InstantMining - Chance to instantly mine the rest of a node out on hit.
InstantWoodcutting - Chance to instantly cut down the rest of the tree on hit.
Regrowth - Chance for the felled tree to respawn.
InstantSkinning - Chance to instantly skin the rest of an animal on hit.
InstantCook - Chance to receive cooked meat instead of raw meat while skinning.
PVPCrit - Chance to critically damage a player, adding an additional 10-30% damage.
Reflexes - Reduces damage taken from PVP.
IncreasedBoatSpeed - Increases the speed of all watercraft.
FreeVehicleRepair - Removes the repair cost for repairing vehicles of all kinds.
Survivalist - Increases calories and hydration from all food sources.
Researcher - Chance to receive your scrap back while researching.
Feline - Reduces fall damage.
Lead, // Reduces radiation damage
Gilled, // Underwater breathing
Smasher, // % chance to destroy barells and roadsigns instantly
WoodcuttersLuck, // Access to a loot table for woodcutting.
MinersLuck, //access to a loot table for mining.
SkinnersLuck, // access to a loot table for skinning.
RockCycle, // chance to spawn a new rock once mined out.
Attractive, // chance for loot to be instantly moved to your inventory.
FishersLuck, // acces to a loot table for fishing.

TeamHeal, // Shares heals with nearby team mates
HealthShot, // Heals team mates for damage that would have been done when shot


epicloot.use - Required to access the menu.

epicloot.admin - Required to use the genitem commands.
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